To take care of your pets ....


   A sleep over service



   Poop scoop

   Litter box clearing

   Indoor plant maintenance ....


   My service extends throughout the Cape   



   With intrinsic qualities of integrity and



   Impressive experience and competence in 

   this particular responsibility


   The personal and confidential quality of my 

   pet and house sitting service requires a great

   deal of trust from the client which holds me 

   up to strict ethical and moral commitment


   I live within the boundaries of old fashioned

   values care greatly about kindness to

   animals and plants


   Am multi-skilled with attention to detail

   efficient neat and tidy


   To your advantage much of the day is spent 

   at your home so Precious Pets are never

   alone for long ....

    Princess Baby Emma

            of Muizenberg

Pemba & Ezo in Camps Bay

‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated’  -  Mahatma Ghandi 1869 - 1948

Compassion is when your heart moves at the suffering of another and  this spurs you on to try to alleviate their suffering


“When a human dies, there is a bridge they must cross to enter into Heaven. At the head of the  bridge waits every animal that  human ever encountered during  their lifetime.

 The animals, based on what they know of this person decide which humans may cross the bridge …. and which are turned away.”


  BlackJack    Jezebelle   Tweety   T-go  in Tokai



Mogi 8 weeks

 Mogi all grown up

Molly ‘Smidge’

Nala & Bella in Simon’s Town


Biggles & Bruno in Simon’s Town





 ‘Louis & Alfie the cat’ arrived in Kommetjie from Britain 

 with Mom Linda


 ‘Barney’ is known as the ‘three wheeled dog’ a name given  

 to him by a little boy (referring to his only having three

 legs). He was taken in by Linda as a foster from TEARS. He

 now has a British passport is a part of the family and they

 have all returned to live back in Britain Oh yes! The ‘gorilla’

 has gone home too ….


  On their return to Britain Linda had Barney DNA tested to

  identify his breed which the Wisdom Panel Insights report

  shows that Barney is a Russell Terrier Pekingese mix ….


  I spent a lot of time with ‘Linda’s Boys’. Evenings ‘Alfie’

  and I spent time together while ‘Louis’ the swimmer slept

  at my feet after his twice a day retrieving kelp deep water

  or surfing waves or doggie paddled from one splash to the 

  next caused by the stones thrown into the ocean. Chasing 

  splashes was his favourite game ….  ‘Barney’ was always

  content to lie on his back with three legs up in the air after

  two long walks a day …

Lucy in Wynberg

Jack & Savanna & Achillies in Noordhoek

 Mia  Marley  Mojo in Camps Bay   

Harley  Davidson    Joey  Blossom  Piper  Savannah of Clovelly


Brutus & Muffie & Bugsy in Kommetjie

Lily & Lucy in Tamboerskloof


Simon’s Town

Oliver in Fresnaye

we arrive at  your home to take

care of your pets ….

Being on this back window Puppy ‘Vinny is overjoyed

and is now refusing to give autographs!

    Arlene  ’your pets personal assistant’


    073 641 0813

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